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Who We Are and What We Can Do For You?

In 2018, PriceMyPills was established. We aim to provide our clients with medication shopping convenience in the comfort of their homes. They can select over a variety of our member pharmacies. Their prescription medications will be delivered directly on their address. In this way, we are also providing smaller pharmacies with the opportunity to move their products out of their local area and improve the width of their consumer base. This gives them a seat in the competition with bigger chains. Our model helps you save on your medication by ensuring better prices that you will benefit you in the whole process.

Through member pharmacies bidding with their best prices for an individual medication, the maximum amount of savings will be on the consumers.

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What started the birth of PriceMyPills was when its founder Kirat Shahiwala, began his career in a pharmacy. There he witnessed patients complaining about the high cost of medications added by higher deductibles and insufficient coverage from their insurance carrier. There were also changes when customers really go short in cash due to the price surge.

Shahiwala wanted to give people a better alternative. He began his pharmacy when he discovered that there are options that go far beyond the bigger retail practice. The conventions caused customers not to avail the maximum number of savings. He learned that there are two reasons why customers are on the losing end. First, they have not explored with the other providers. The competition encourages different pharmacies to offer the best price for medications. Second, there is a communication barrier that exists between customers and independent pharmacies that provide savings.

PriceMyPills was created to put an end over the barrier.

How Does PriceMyPills Work for Patients?

Despite the clamor to consistently improve the healthcare industry, affordable medication for customers remains a challenge. When patients do not have insurance, the idea thrives on as a bigger enemy. PriceMyPills aims to do something about that. By registering with us, you can choose over our member pharmacies that will give you the best price for your prescription.

Here is how the process happens:

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When the patient gets the prescription, he will need to enter data related to his medication. This includes the name, how many, dosage, and how much they pay for it through our patient portal. Through this, the customer will be able to get the right medication or drug that will be suitable for their medical condition.

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Pharmacies that can supply the medication will send their bid prices to the patient. Most of the time, these best estimates cost lower than what is offered by the patient’s current pharmacies.

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After the bidding, the patient will select a pharmacy that best suits his interest or needs. Payment will be directly made to the pharmacy.

Visit Patient FAQs for more details. Patient FAQ's

How Does PriceMyPills Work for Pharmacies?

Competition is indeed tedious when independent pharmacies compete with bigger chains. They are challenged to survive the competition. PriceMyPills would like to help smaller pharmacies. We offer two ways for which they can foster their business to grow.

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It just takes a monthly or annual fee! Pharmacies can become members of PriceMyPills, and they can be entered in a pool of bidders. Through this, they can have access to customers seeking pharmacies outside their local area. They can have the chance to offer medication supply to patients at a lower rate than their current pharmacy and can potentially become a trusted source of savings. They can be introduced to customers, and recommendations will be made by their clients to other clients as well.

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We offer consultations! PriceMyPills cares for your pharmacy as we are aware of the struggles in making it work. Thus, we offer consultation services to pharmacies having a hard time running their business. Moreover, we will offer additional services that can aid businesses to flourish into a stable venture.

Visit Pharmacy FAQs for more details. Pharmacy FAQ's

How Does PriceMyPills Work for Doctors?

Organising and managing hundreds of patient records can be a hefty task. Keeping accurate records of patients, prescriptions and medications is essential. For the same reasons PriceMyPills has created a platform for hardworking doctors.

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Doctors can send an invitation to register all their patients on PriceMyPills via SMS & Emails. As patients agree with the invitation, Doctors would be able to endorse pharmacies to patients for the prescribed medication.

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If a patient finds the endorsed pharmacy suitable, He/She can go with the same pharmacy or select medication estimates from other pharmacies too.

Visit Doctor FAQs for more details. Doctor FAQs