Manage Your Patients Online with PriceMyPills

Provide Consultation & Medication Endorsement at One Place!

Organizing and Managing patients records it’s an important task, and to make it more convenient. PriceMyPills is providing a platform where Doctors can register their patients on PriceMyPills and endorse them to Authentic & Trusted pharmacies.

After Registration, Doctors can invite their patients through SMS to PriceMyPills and provide prescription to endorse pharmacies.
Another way to invite patients is through Form Submission where Doctors register their Patients on PriceMyPills. Patients will receive an invitation link to agree & proceed with registrations.
Doctors can also register patients in bulk with CSV files.
Moreover, Doctors can submit order for their favorite (most prescribed) medication for member pharmacy to bid on a list of favorite medication too from PriceMyPills registered pharmacies.

With the motto to provide affordable medication online via our bidding platform and benefiting both patients and doctors. Thus, Doctors will be able to manage patients and prescribe medications to endorsed pharmacies.

Although, Patients have the freedom to go with the pharmacies which they find suitable for their needs.

Join Us & Let’s Make Medication Affordable For All!