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Be a smart consumer and register with PriceMyPills where you do not have to track coupons or spend hours comparing prices. We guarantee you we will provide the way to save money on your medication. Create an order for your prescribed medications to receive multiple bids from member pharmacies to save on monthly bases is few clicks away.

Worrying about insurance? Let our member pharmacies take of it.

Got no insurance? There is no problem with that. With help of online pharmacy registration, PriceMyPills member pharmacies will give you the best choices of the price for your medication. Guaranteed that we will stick to our promise of giving you the maximum savings for your purchase. Our member pharmacies cater to patients who have:

1No insurance
2Insurance with high Co-pay
3Insurance with low Co-pay

With us, you can expect full convenience, whether you are covered or not by insurance. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us or give us a ring. We will be glad to hear from you and assist you with your medical needs.

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Worry no more about delivery charges!


With help of online pharmacy registration, PriceMyPills member pharmacies will give you their best prices for your prescription. Your prescription is your cost, and we provide no additional hidden charges. This takes three easy steps:

Basing on the prescription you received, type in all the data about your medication such as the name, dosage, quantity, and how much you pay for it in our patient portal.
Pharmacies that can supply the medication will send their bid prices to the patient. Most of the time, these best estimates cost lower than what is offered by the patient’s current pharmacies.
After the bidding, the patient will select the pharmacy that best suits his interest or needs. Payment will be directly made to the pharmacy.

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